Hey what's up, the name's Knerr. The K's silent.
I draw things ocasionally and my family page is really outdated.
I also follow a lot of art blogs so if you make some cool art I'm probably going to follow you.
I also do voice acting stuff.

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collages are literally the worst kind of fucking assignment that you can assign for a fucking drawing class.  This isn’t drawing.  This is sticking random ass pictures to another piece of paper.  What does this teach me??  How does this improve any sort of drawing skill at all??????

So somehow I changed the thickness of the selection lines in photoshop and it’s making me really uncomfortable and I don’t know how to change it back

Girl walks by guy and he gets hard
Girl: Boys are so weak, just walking by gets your dicks hard
Guy: Bitch I was thinking about Metal Gear Solid V so unless you can provide me with Tactical Espionage Action in 1080p at 60fps get that bullshit away from me

we gotta blow up tha shagohod
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